Pen and Ink 9 x12

I'm Sorry Your World Is A Lie
Pen And Ink 9 x 12

Graphite on paper 8 x 10 

In Memory of my Father
Pen & Ink on paper 8 x 10

Merry-Makers Delight In The Reduction Of Survivalism (Immortality)
Graphite On Paper 14 x 24

It's Better To Be Nice Than Right
Graphite On Paper 11 x 17

Confrontation As Reconstruction Of Catastrophe Trauma As Represented By Charles Ives' Strategies (Apocalypse)
Mixed Media On Paper 20 x 15

Parabolic Discourse On Institutional Disfiguration (Death Threat)
Mixed Media On Canvas 18 x 24

Separation Anxiety Encounters $292,000 In Poetry
Graphite on Paper

Non-Spiritual Hierarchy Of Psychological Constructs Representing More 
Graphite On Paper 8 x 10

Touch Me, I'm Censored II
Mixed Media On Paper 18 x 24

Touch Me, I'm Censored
Mixed Media On Paper 18 x 24